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How To: Introducing A Rug To A Large Space

Rugs are paramount when finishing off a beautifully decorated room. Often empty floor spaces feel incomplete and bare without them. This is especially true with larger rooms. Choosing the perfect rug for your large space can be tricky and you want to make sure you’ve made the right choice. Rugs are more of a long term investment than other decorative items, such as cushions or wall art, so you will want a rug that is suitable for the needs of your space but also has some level of versatility for future use.

The first step is planning. Will the rug have a practical use? Is the purpose of the rug to make a surface easier to walk on? Or to keep a space warm? If this is the case then picking the right texture of the rug is important. The thicker and fluffier the fabric - the more it will keep a space warm. Generally aim for wool or shaggy rugs if you can.

With larger spaces rugs can be a clever tool for getting more than one function from a room. A well placed rug can divide a space into multiple areas, working to create different sections within a room and allowing you want to make the most of the available space. This is a perfect technique for large living areas as you can use a rug to separate out designated seating or conversation areas. It also works with large bedrooms, placing a separate rug with a dressing table or desk, for example, will create an area for working or getting ready.

You will also need to think about colours and patterns. Colours are hugely important with any interior decorating, especially with larger spaces, as they control the feel of a room completely. The colours of the walls will have a huge effect on the mood of a room and using a strategic rug will really help to finish off the ambiance. If you want a rug that is in keeping with a room then harmonious colours are crucial. However, if you’re brave you could try making an interesting or modern statement with colours or patterns that clash.

The next thing to consider is how your rug will interact with the furniture. This largely comes down to size and placement. One solution is to choose a rug that is small enough to be contained by furniture. Meaning that it is surrounded by sofas, chairs or cabinets and doesn’t go underneath anything other than coffee tables or bedside cabinets. The alternative solution is to purchase the largest suitable rug you can find and place it relatively centrally, underneath a bed, sofa or dining table. This option will feel more luxurious and grand than the smaller rug choice, but will probably require a more expensive rug

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  • Posted On: 29 July 2016

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