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How To Style A Bedroom Rug - The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to styling a bedroom rug in your home, there are a lot of different options available to you in terms of both the placement of the rug and the styles you can choose from.

In this blog post, the expert team at Land of Rugs discuss common ways people style rugs in their bedroom, as well as give you some popular rug styles that you can choose that work with classic bedroom designs.

Sit back, relax and grab a cup of your favourite drink as this is going to be a really good one!

The Placement of your Rug

When it comes to the actual placement of your rug, there are three incredibly common ways to place your rug.

Covering the Entire Room

One of the most common ways our customers like to place their rug in their bedroom is by placing the entire rug under their bed, including placing other furniture such as bedside tables and dressers on top of the rug too. Essentially, covering the entire room.

To ensure this style works well, you need to ensure you have a rug large enough to accommodate all or most of the furniture in your bedroom on top of the rug. For example, if your bedroom measures 12 feet wide and 18 feet long, you need to ensure that the rug you purchase is around 10 feet wide and 16 feet long.

We know the above is an 'out there' example, but we just wanted to highlight the fact that if you have a larger bedroom, this may not be the style for you. This works amazingly well for smaller bedrooms, as large rugs can become expensive.

However, if your room is the right size and you have the budget for a rug that will fill the room, the results can look spectacular:

Image Credit: Martha Stewart

One Third Under Bed

Another incredibly popular way of styling a rug in your bedroom is placing a rug under just one-third of your bed! Whilst this may not add any functional appeal to your bedroom, this is definitely a great way to add substance and style to your space.

Working incredibly well in bedrooms designed with the Scandi style in mind, adding a rug under one-third of your bed can add an element of mystery to your room, as well as add a different dimension when it comes to the texture of the room!

For maximum impact, you could even consider layering rugs in this instance. Add a rug underneath one-third of your bed, and place an even smaller rug on top of this one! Doing this with colours that complement each other work really well here too.

Image Credit: Lolo Gifts

Runner on Either Side

One final way you can style rugs in your bedroom is to add a runner rug on either side of the bed. This works well in traditionally designed bedrooms where the bed is placed on the back wall in the centre of a room.

Using this method to style rugs in your bedroom can ensure you have somewhere comfortable to plant your feet in the morning, as well as adding style and substance to your space whilst maintaining the structure of the rug as no furniture at all is placed on it.

I use this way of styling my rug in my own bedroom. I can assure you, it works wonderfully!

Image Credit: Ballard Designs

Best Styles for your Bedroom Rugs

Now, we can really get into the good part of our article, picking out what style of rug is going to work best in your bedroom. Our expert team have picked out three particular styles that go super well with current bedroom trends on the market right now.

Let's jump into it.


Still, to this date, one of the best selling rug styles on the market! Not just on our website, people all over the United Kingdom are still searching for shaggy rugs for their home, whether that's a bedroom or another room in the home completely.

Shaggy rugs for the bedroom can work really well in bedrooms, especially in the cooler months, as they add a deep texture into an otherwise flat room. Sure, you have throws on your bed and maybe you are lucky enough to have an armchair in your bedroom too, but trust us, nothing is going to compare to adding a shaggy rug to your space.


When you consider some of the on-trend styles people love to have in their homes nowadays, Scandi and Boho are sure to spring to mind! Because of this, our team believe Moroccan rugs are going to be a great option for you to consider.

When it comes to Moroccan rugs for bedrooms, there is an almost unlimited array of options for you to choose from. You could have a white rug with a black pattern, rugs with or without tassels. Whatever your personal taste, you are sure to find a Moroccan rug to suit you!


For those lucky few who have a larger budget to spend for their perfect bedroom rug, there are lots of designer options available to you.

If you're looking for a thin rug to be placed under furniture, you would be best choosing a designer bedroom rug such as Louis de Poortere or Jackie and the Fish. These designers offer thin rugs in a wide array of incredible abstract designs, so you are sure to find one to suit your style!

If you are looking for rugs of a thicker nature, but still looking for that designer feel, then designers such as Katherine Carnaby and Calvin Klein will be perfect for you!

These rugs do come at an additional cost, but the status and quality of owning one of these rugs is unmatched.

  • Posted On: 21 January 2022

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