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How to Style a Dining Room Rug

Dining rooms are a major part of family life and the home, bringing everyone together to enjoy good food and good company. With the dining room standing at the heart of many homes, it’s easy to understand why people are keen to create a beautiful dining room space.

Placing a rug in your dining area is a simple yet highly effective way of adding style and warmth to the room. However, because there are so many types of rugs available, finding the perfect dining room rugs isn’t always an easy task. There are several factors you should consider when purchasing a dining room rug to ensure that you’re selecting the right rug for your space. Not all types of rug are suitable for this room; for example fluffy rugs can trap every crumb whilst small rugs can cause the chairs to get caught.

Here at Land of Rugs we have you covered. Read our tips for getting dining room rugs just right.

Match Rug and Table Shape

Today rugs are available in all different shapes and sizes, and dining room rugs are no exception. When it comes to selecting the shape of your rug, it’s important to consider how the rug will sit under your dining table.

Do you have a round dining table? These look great when coupled with a stylish round rug or even a square rug. Alternatively, if you have a square table you can choose to either mirror the shape of the rug with the shape of the table, or mix it up and opt for a circular rug to add a unique feel to the room. Rectangular tables work best with (you guessed it) rectangular rugs. Framing a longer-length table by echoing its shape with a rug is stylistically, very complimentary.

A dining table rug should fit effortlessly into your home and enhance the character and style of the room. Matching your rug with the shape of your dining room table helps to draw the two together and make the rug a true focal point within the space.

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Bigger is Better

Whatever rug/table shape combination you choose, be sure to take into account the size of your table alongside the size and shape of the room. This is a key factor to consider for both style and practical reasons. Some dining room rugs might appear to frame a table nicely, but if the rug isn’t the correct size, this can be problematic when moving chairs from underneath the table.

That’s why bigger is always better when making the decision on what size of rug to buy. As a general guide, you should measure your dining table and then add at least 60cm on each side of your table to ensure that you’re able to move the chairs around freely. If you’re concerned about chairs or any additional furniture catching on the rug, you should consider selecting a larger sized dining room rug. Of course, this depends on whether or not the size of your dining room permits you to do this.

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Choose a Practical Material

The choice of fibre is also an important factor. Rugs most suited to the dining space offer both an attractive design and durability. Let’s face it spills are inevitable, especially if you have children. As the main reason for a dining table is to eat your lunch or dinner, even the most cautious eater will find the odd crumb or two has missed their mouth. You should keep this in mind when considering the material of dining room rugs.

Generally speaking more natural fibres such as wool are the simplest to clean and maintain. So in terms of practicality, short pile and flat weave rugs are a fantastic choice for the dining area. These types of rugs are easy to clean and maintain. Moving chairs and furniture across these rug styles is also simple, making them an ideal choice for the dining living space.

On the other hand, moving furniture across a shaggy rug is more difficult and that’s why it’s best to keep these types of rugs for the living room or bedroom. However there are many synthetic blends that are stain resistant and can withstand harsh rubbing, these types of rugs are suitable for indoor-outdoor rugs usage.

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Choose the Colour of your Rug Wisely

As mentioned above, dining rooms are usually used for eating, so avoiding light colours is probably best if you want to avoid food-related stains showing. Selecting a darker coloured rug for the dining room is a wise move to keep your rug looking fresh and clean for longer. That’s why many people choose to avoid white, cream or light grey dining rugs and instead, opt for richer colours that expose marks and stains less.

Although you should avoid light hues, you still have great flexibility when it comes to selecting the colour of your dining room rug. As with every room in the home, your rug should work well with the other colours featured in your dining area. With dining room rugs, choose colours that compliment each other and match your home decor, whether it’s a striking contrast or matching tones you prefer. Selecting a bold coloured rug to feature under the dining table is a great way to brighten up a room.

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Find your Ideal Dining Room Rug

Ready to get started on finding your ideal dining room rug? At Land of Rugs we stock a beautiful selection of high-quality rugs, perfect for every dining room space. Browse our Dining Room Rugs today and take advantage of our free delivery to UK mainland addresses offer.

  • Posted On: 20 July 2020

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