Extra-Large Yellow & Gold Rugs

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  1. Fresco Yellow Rug
    from only £219.00
  2. Reko Rug Mustard
    from only £109.99
  3. Arlo Rug AR09 Yellow Block
    Arlo Rug AR09 Yellow Block
    Special Price £94.99 Regular Price £109.00
  4. Devore Rug in Yellow
    from only £159.00
  5. Dolce Rug in Gold
    from only £339.00
  6. Yellow Diva Rug Fluffy Pile
    Special Price £44.00 Regular Price £49.00
  7. Blade Golden Rugs
    from only £25.00
  8. Ochre Colour Tweed Rugs
    from only £264.99
  9. Gold Jute Soumak Rug
    from only £99.99
  10. Blox Rug Mustard
    Special Price £149.99 Regular Price £179.00
  11. Arlo Chevron Rug Lemon Grey
    Special Price £94.99 Regular Price £109.00
  12. Whisper Yellow Rug
    Whisper Yellow Rug
    from only £49.99
  13. Matrix 62 Rhombus Mustard Rug
    Matrix 62 Rhombus Mustard Rug
    Special Price £179.25 Regular Price £239.00
  14. Romo Chella Quince Rug
    Romo Chella Quince Rug
    from only £750.00
  15. Gatsby Silky Rug Gold
    Gatsby Silky Rug Gold
    from only £269.00
  16. XL 200x300cm Yellow Reko Rug Mustard
    Was £414.99 Only £279.30
  17. Romo Scala Qunice Rug
    Romo Scala Qunice Rug
    from only £750.00
  18. Camden Rug Gold
    Camden Rug Gold
    Special Price £329.99 Regular Price £389.00

52 Items

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Shop our full selection of extra-large yellow and gold rugs online at Land of Rugs. Choose from our range of elegant designs and quality materials, all of which are hard-wearing and easy to clean.
An extra-large yellow rug is a great way of introducing this playful colour into any room, while a silk gold rug exudes refined elegance and works particularly well in a bedroom.
Buy an extra-large yellow or gold rug from our online store today. If you think you might need a smaller size, take a look at our small, medium, and large yellow and gold rugs as well as our selection of yellow and gold hall runners.