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Plain Cream & White Rugs For Sale

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Items 1-60 of 63

Buy from our collection of plain cream white rugs for sale here at Land of Rugs. Cream and white signifies sophistication, calm & purity in addition to cleanliness.

With quiet colours like these ornaments & accessories should be used to bring the colours, and these can be easily changed to reflect the mood.

Using plain white or cream wool rugs in a family area is a great way to unify the space - but think about usage and if there are likely to be a lot of spillages or stains the look for Headset Polypropylene fibres for better cleaning and maintenance. See our rugs buying guide for guidance on this.

Vanilla, Snow, Pearl, Cotton & Ivory shades don't have to be plain - they are also available in our white shaggy rugs & traditional cream rugs selections.