Medium Size Yellow & Gold Rugs

See our full range of medium size yellow and gold rugs online at Land of Rugs. These rugs are a great way to add another layer of texture, colour, and pattern to any room in your home.
A medium yellow rug in a contemporary design can be a great way of introducing this joyful colour into a modern home, while a traditional rug with golden details will make a stunning centrepiece in any room.
Buy one of our medium yellow or gold rugs today. To see our other sizes in these colours, browse our small, large, and extra-large collections.

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  1. Fresco Yellow Rug
    from only £159.00
  2. Blox Rug Mustard
    from only £0.00
  3. Reko Rug Mustard
    from only £99.00
  4. Gold Jute Soumak Rug
    from only £89.00
  5. Dolce Rug in Gold
    from only £239.00
  6. Galleria Rug 8080
    from only £70.59
  7. Modern Kelim Rug KM04
    from only £0.00
  8. Regal 0227A Gold Rug
    from only £44.99
  9. Aran Rug Jasmine Yellow
    from only £279.00
  10. Squiggle Rugs Yellow
    from only £179.00
  11. Scope Rug Ochre Grey
    Scope Rug Ochre Grey
    from only £54.95
  12. Jasmine 31I Abstract Rug
    Jasmine 31I Abstract Rug
    from only £134.99
  13. Angora Shaggy Rug Gold
    Angora Shaggy Rug Gold
    from only £34.99
  14. Palm 02 Rug
    Palm 02 Rug
    from only £165.00

Items 1-40 of 73

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