Medium Size Wool Rugs for sale

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  1. Chunky Wool Pink Rainbow Rug
    Chunky Wool Pink Rainbow Rug
    Special Price £55.27 Regular Price £115.00
  2. Lexus Red Wool Rug
    Lexus Red Wool Rug
    from only £79.99
  3. Pimlico Rug Spice
    Pimlico Rug Spice
    from only £89.99
  4. Sloan Green Rug
    Sloan Green Rug
    from only £25.00
  5. Carter Rug Red Stripe
    Carter Rug Red Stripe
    from only £74.99
  6. Lexus Green Wool Rug
    Lexus Green Wool Rug
    from only £79.99
  7. Ascot Rug Silver
    Special Price £309.99 Regular Price £399.00
  8. Apollo Rust Wool Rug
    Apollo Rust Wool Rug
    from only £69.95
  9. Carter Rug Rust Stripe
    Carter Rug Rust Stripe
    from only £74.99
  10. Divine Rug Ash DIV05
    Divine Rug Ash DIV05
    from only £1,650.00
  11. Ocean Area Rug OCS01 Mist
    Ocean Area Rug OCS01 Mist
    from only £1,899.00
  12. Ascot Rug Red
    Special Price £174.99 Regular Price £219.00
  13. Luminance Rug LUM05 Opal
    Luminance Rug LUM05 Opal
    from only £319.00
  14. Divine Rug Charcoal DIV01
    Divine Rug Charcoal DIV01
    from only £1,650.00
  15. Medina Grey Wool Rug
    Medina Grey Wool Rug
    from only £54.99
  16. Lexus Blue Wool Rug
    Lexus Blue Wool Rug
    from only £79.99

Items 1-60 of 946

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Medium size wool rugs are very popular as trendy design features in contemporary room settings and there is an infinite range of up to the minute modern designs in muted and vibrant colourways. Traditional patterns can also be used to provide a classic focal point in minimalist spaces. A wool rug medium size in colours toned with décor can make all the difference to the feel of the average size room, refreshing the look and introducing super soft foot comfort and warmth. And remember, whether it’s a quality modern or wool rug or a large traditional rug, Land of Rugs offers free UK delivery.