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  1. Medina Terra Wool Rug
    Medina Terra Wool Rug
    Special Price £51.23 Regular Price £64.99
  2. Boho Shaggy Rug 8733 Terra
    Boho Shaggy Rug 8733 Terra
    Special Price £147.99 Regular Price £169.99
  3. Boho Shaggy Rug 8886 Terra
    Boho Shaggy Rug 8886 Terra
    Special Price £81.99 Regular Price £99.99

5 Items

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Add a bohemian and laid back feel to your home, with our range of stylish and luxurious Moroccan Rugs. Available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, colours and finishes, you’re sure to find that perfect piece that you’ve been searching for to complete your scheme. Inspired by the unique and striking decor and architecture of Morocco, our collection features a variety of styles synonymous with on-trend Moroccan design. Defined by laid back pattern in both rich shades as well as neutral colours, this range will add that instant bohemian feel that’s so highly sought after.

The collection includes a variety of Moroccan Rugs from different designers, all made from quality materials and finished with great attention to detail for a luxurious range. Moroccan design is highly distinguishable and beautiful, and our collection represents this perfectly. Including rich and colourful rugs as well as traditional Moroccan patterns, finding the perfect statement rug for your home couldn’t be easier.

Inspired by intricate tile work, soft and sumptuous textures and striking colours, a Moroccan Rug is a great way to add wow factor while maintaining a laid back feel. Browse our collection of Moroccan Rugs here, all available to order online and in a variety of styles and sizes...