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  1. Lexus Blue Wool Rug
    Lexus Blue Wool Rug
    from only £79.99
  2. Amira Rug AM002
    Special Price £999.00 Regular Price £1,099.00
  3. Ascot Rug Aqua Blue
    Special Price £104.99 Regular Price £129.00
  4. Lapis Gemstone Rug GEM01
    Lapis Gemstone Rug GEM01
    from only £429.00
  5. Divine Rug Mist DIV02
    Divine Rug Mist DIV02
    from only £1,650.00
  6. Medina Blue Wool Rug
    Medina Blue Wool Rug
    from only £54.99
  7. Kelim Fringe Rug Blue Stripes
    Special Price £64.00 Regular Price £94.00
  8. Royal Aubusson Rug Blue Cream
    Special Price £84.99 Regular Price £89.00
  9. Fresco Aqua Rug
    from only £219.00
  10. Fresco Blue Rug
    from only £219.00

Items 1-60 of 117

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Buy from our range of teal blue wool rugs for any floor here at Land of Rugs. Blue is considered a royal colour that symbolises loyalty, confidence and wisdom - so its no surprise its popular in homes throughout the UK. Wool doesn't wrinkle, its natural, hypoallergenic (resistant to bacteria) and regulates its temperature to its environment.
Blue and teal wool rugs have a good lifespan and although they will shed some fibres this is a minor drawback set against so may pluses. They also look great in bedroom and living room areas throughout the home.
Keep it natural with red and green wool rugs, stay mono with a plain brown or plain black rug.