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  1. Murano Sea Grass [90x150cm]
    Was £109.41 Only £81.52
  2. Reko Rug Navy 100x150cm
    Was £109.99 Only £74.66
  3. Da Vinci Pastel Shades Rug 160x230cm
    Was £212.79 Only £159.01
  4. Plain Blue Candy Shaggy Rug
    Plain Blue Candy Shaggy Rug
    Was £44.99 Only £39.68
  5. Ascot Rug Aqua Blue 200x290cm
    Was £629.00 Only £474.99
  6. Hudson Shaggy Rug Teal 120x170cm
    Was £84.95 Only £67.64
  7. Arabesque Blue Wool Rug 120x170cm
    Was £159.99 Only £128.46
  8. Arabesque Blue Wool Rug 80x150cm
    Was £99.99 Only £79.99
  9. Capri Rug Duck Egg Collage 140x200cm
    Was £186.29 Only £139.72
  10. Aimo Rug Blue Stripes (120x180cm)
    Was £147.95 Only £107.30

35 Items

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Here you can find Land of Rugs reduced price rugs for those looking for a bargain, and at prices that can’t be repeated. These rugs have been reduced to sell, some are one offs and many are discontinued items. Some of the bargains here are simply because we have over stocked them so get in quick as we are unable to guarantee these sale prices for long. Once they are gone, that’s it – there gone!