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Items 1-60 of 572

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Looking to add a stylish blue rug to your home? Shop our extensive range of blue and teal rugs online at Land of Rugs. Choose from a large selection of modern and traditional rug styles, materials, sizes and shades, and find the perfect blue rug for your home.


An extremely versatile colour, there’s a shade of blue to complement any tone of the wood, stone, or tile flooring and furniture. Add a cool and calming influence to any room with a powder blue or duck egg rug, or add a regal touch with a splash of royal blue. A teal rug is a great option to use as a statement, particularly in a shaggy rug with a luxurious, thick pile.


A navy rug is a popular choice for those looking to add timeless style to the home. Introduce a navy rug into your living room or bedroom alongside softer blue accessories and you’re on to a winner. Whatever rug shade you select, blue rugs are guaranteed to add style and character to any space in the home.


When it comes to rug maintenance, every rug is different – learn more about caring for the type of each blue rug and more in our Rug Care Guide. Browse our full range of high-quality blue, teal and navy rugs and don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team today if you’d like help finding the perfect blue rug design for your room.

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