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  1. Geo Rug Plain Golden Beige Geo 09 9191 Wishlist Compare
  2. Herringbone Rug Natural Wishlist Compare
    Herringbone Rug Natural
    From: £44.95

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  3. Geo Rug Plain Dark Grey Geo 09 7131 Wishlist Compare
  4. Geo Rug Plain Silver Geo 09 7121 Wishlist Compare
  5. Geo Rug Plain Ivory Geo 09 6161 Wishlist Compare
  6. Calvin Klein Rug Lowland Quadrant Marble Wishlist Compare
  7. Calvin Klein Rug Lowland Quadrant Flint Wishlist Compare
  8. Calvin Klein Rug Monsoon Goa Loam Wishlist Compare
    Calvin Klein Rug Monsoon Goa Loam
    From: £219.00

    2-5 Days

  9. Calvin Klein Rug Monsoon Goa Shadow Wishlist Compare
  10. Calvin Klein Rug Lowland Quadrant Basalt Wishlist Compare
  11. Calvin Klein Rug Lowland Quadrant Beach Rock Wishlist Compare
  12. Calvin Klein Rug Monsoon Goa Cinnamon Wishlist Compare
  13. Geo Rug Plain Natural Geo 09 2121 Wishlist Compare
  14. Geo Rug Plain Natural Beige 07 7121 Wishlist Compare
  15. Geo Rug Plain Natural Cream 07 6121 Wishlist Compare
  16. Geo Rug Plain Grey Brown 03 7131 Wishlist Compare
  17. Geo Rug Plain Ivory Pearl 03 6161 Wishlist Compare
  18. Geo Rug Plain Grey Biscuit 03 2121 Wishlist Compare
  19. Jute Lago Grey Brown Flatwoven Rug Wishlist Compare
  20. Jute Lago Gold Brown Flatweave Rug Wishlist Compare

20 Items

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If you’re looking to add sisal rugs, a jute rug or hemp rugs to your home, you’ve come to the right place. Both sisal rugs and a jute rug make the perfect floor finish for busy homes where a hardwearing subtle look is desired. Sisal and Jute are both natural materials extracted from plants, when woven they provide a simple attractive look. A jute rug is a very versatile home accessory and although made from 100% natural fibres, natural jute rugs are strong and hard-wearing. Most sisal rugs have a flat woven pile - making them the ideal solution for placement under furniture. With both a jute rug and sisal rugs, you can dress hall and reception spaces, living room and conservatory areas with ease, while an extra large sisal rug will help open up the room. At Land of Rugs we have a gorgeous selection of natural rugs to suit everyone’s taste; find everything from a round jute rug, jute runner rug and grey jute rug, to rectangular sisal rugs or a sisal runner. To keep your natural rug looking fresh and clean, read our Rug Care Guide.